Welcome to the blog for Sun Valley Eye Care! My name is Dr Ben Barrus and I’d like to share with you some of the reasons why I am opening this clinic to give you an idea of the type of vision care I hope to provide for my patients. There are two reasons in particular that speak to the heart of what I do each day.

First, the reason that I became a health care professional is the same reason most of us in this profession do. I want to help my patients. Improving quality of life for my patients is the driving factor that pushes me to improve my skill set and stay on top of new developments and technical advances in my industry. My aim for Sun Valley Eye Care is to provide unparalleled vision care, where my patients can trust that the care and guidance they receive has only one goal – to meet their personal vision goals, independent of any corporate pressures. I often worry that at this moment within optometry, the retail pressure of selling eye wear and contact lenses can sometimes put commercial interests in conflict with health interests, and patients may come away feeling unsure of who to trust. The added competition of online eyewear stores makes the situation even more complicated. Whether it’s prescribing medication, contact lenses, choosing glasses or discussing surgery, my role is to look out for the best interests of my patients, and at Sun Valley Eye Care I want my patients to feel reassured that they will receive specialized care and guidance to make their vision goals a reality.

Second, in my profession, there is no way to achieve superior vision care without superior skill. Optometry sits at an interesting crossroads incorporating technical skill and personal communication to apply medical health and applied physics. It creates a wonderfully dynamic challenge to support my patients every day. The challenge is that the application of all these components is completely reliant on the quality of the work and technical detail provided by a team of professionals. Our goal is to elevate the collective skill of our team at Sun Valley Eye Care to provide exceptional care to our patients. That vision is why I have partnered with my long-time colleague Mrs. Christina Logee, a Licensed Optician.

Christina is the most capable Optician I have ever had the opportunity to work with. From her technical skill and her eye for fashion, to her ability to communicate clearly and concisely with her patients, she has developed a reputation amongst her colleagues as a problem solver and more importantly, as a problem preventer. She has demonstrated the ability to create a supportive and productive team around her.

In particular, I recall one instance when Christina came to me with a patient who I had never seen before and was having trouble with their glasses. She gave one of the most thorough and technically precise assessments I’d ever had from a team member. She consistently demonstrates that she is a highly trained and skilled optician who combines a very in-depth knowledge of optics with a fantastic ability to clearly communicate with those around her. From those early interactions, we have had countless opportunities in our management roles to resolve and work through problems for patients in Calgary and she has impressed me time and again with the simple fact that patients always come away with great results. Including myself when she helps me select my own eyewear. It’s so rewarding being part of a team that you trust. That’s why I am so excited to be starting Sun Valley Eye Care with Christina. I trust her with my patients which is a profound statement in itself and she provides them with skill and talent I can’t provide on my own.

I look forward to providing Calgarians with amazing personalized service at Sun Valley Eye Care.

Dr. Ben Barrus

Hello, my name is Christina Logee. I’ve worked with a lot of people in my 21 years as an optician. I’ve seen a lot of patients and I have fit and adjusted lot of eyewear. A few years ago I worked for a corporate company, and I was offered a promotion of sorts, into a regional training position. I had the opportunity to train new opticians and new team members in optics as well as company policies. This allowed me to evaluate exactly what I did on a daily basis and really work at honing my Opticianry skills by going back to basics and teaching from the ground up. After a few years I was given the opportunity to move into a position where I was responsible for the performance of my region, the managers and ultimately their team members including our optometrists. Though I care for my teams dearly, I realized that my passion for my career comes not from managing large groups of people but from helping my patients see better. That beautiful moment when a child first put on glasses, and they are able to see things that they didn’t know they were missing or when I’m able to adjust a pair of glasses that someone has been struggling with and suddenly they are comfortable or their vision is clearer. My passion comes from providing a high level of personalized customer service. When you come to see me, I’m going to ask you a lot of questions. How you use your eyes during the day, what sort of activities do you do, what expectations do you have out of your eyewear. These questions are necessary for me to help determine the best lens design, and frame choice for your prescription and your lifestyle needs.

I believe the optical industry, frame and lens choice especially, has been highly devalued over the last 5-10 years. Both by those in the industry and those outside of the industry. Frame choice is much more than choosing something that looks good. The quality of your vision is impacted by how your prescription lens will sit in the frame, how the frame feels on your nose and behind your ears at the end of the day and with how that lens is able to perform in the position that the frame is holding it in. The measurements taken by a licensed optician have a huge impact on how well your lens performs.

I am not a sales person. I am not here to sell you anything. I am here to match the correct custom made medical device to your needs and help you choose one that’s going to make you look and feel fabulous. Whether  you wear your eyewear part time and they live mostly in your car, on your counter, your desk, or your purse, or you wear them full-time from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed, I want to find you the right frame and the right lens design and then take the right measurements to make your vision as comfortable and practical as possible.

I have worked alongside Dr Barrus both in his clinic as an optician, and then in different management and corporate roles over the last number of years. I am very confident in his abilities as an optometrist. He will not only assess your prescription with you but also discuss your personal visual needs. In my middle management position, I had the privilege of hearing many wonderful success stories from patients of Dr Barrus. I would like to share with you my personal story.

My daughter has been wearing glasses for hyperopia and astigmatism since she was 3 years old. She had annual eye examinations, with very little change, and relatively short exams. We bought her new glasses every year because her head kept growing, but not because her prescription ever changed. Unfortunately, she suffered from horrible migraine headaches from the time she was 9 years old. Sometimes I would have to take her out of school they were so intense. We saw our general physician, who referred us to a paediatric neurologist. He then sent her for an MRI. We could not figure out what was causing such intense migraines at such a young age. We tried everything. We saw the dentist (was she clenching her teeth?), we certainly saw an optometrist, we tried yoga to reduce stress, earlier bedtimes, less screen time. You name it, we tried it. When she was 13, I brought her to see Dr Barrus for her eye exam. He added the tiniest little bit of prism (a type of correction) in her glasses, and overnight her migraines disappeared! He explained to me that despite her wearing glasses early, there was some developmental issues with her starting to wear her prescription at 3 years old, when the problem was present from birth. She will always need this little bit of prism in her glasses, but she no longer has headaches at all. It was a life changer for her. She is now 17 years old, and rarely experiences any headaches, with migraines being a distant memory.

I am proud to work with Dr Barrus for many reasons. He has very high standards that he holds himself and his team to. He cares about his patients and their quality of vision thru their many lifestyle needs, and can provide solutions for those needs. He has an attention to detail and a problem solving approach that are absolutely exemplary.

I know that as a team, Dr Barrus and I can help all of our patients achieve clear, comfortable vision that is functional for their many daily activities. My passion and professional calling is to help patients see better after they visit me. I am excited to start Sun Valley Eye Care with Dr Barrus, an optometrist that I know shares that same passion and energy!


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