Eyeglass Lenses 

In today’s mass produced world, eyeglass lenses can still be custom made. 

Simple lens designs, for simple prescriptions and visual needs can still be made ahead of time and dispensed to you in a quick turn around time.

Eyeglass lenses are how you see your world. So much of the information that we process in a day comes from our vision. It’s important to be able to see as well as possible thru your lenses. 

That is why at Sun Valley Eye Care, we chose to offer you leading edge technology lenses from World Renowned lens manufacturers. 


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An optician’s role is to take the written prescription given by the optometrist, and transform it into glasses that will work for your lifestyle. Two patients with the same prescription could have very different needs. Think about how a long distance truck driver uses their eyes during the day vs an accountant. At Sun Valley Eye Care we use the technology provided by our lens supplier and match the best fit for your visual needs. 


An elementary school teacher with dynamic vision needs requires either a digitally designed SV distance lens that optimizes the peripheral clarity, or a distance lens designed to reduce eye strain at near, or if they require a reading prescription as well as distance, they could require a progressive lens that offers high precision optics and can accommodate the frequent gaze changes that dominate their work day. It is the opticians responsibility to ask you as the patient, how do you use your eyes during the day?


An accountant may want a single vision distance pair to relax their eyes for the drive home, but require a computer and reading lens for their work day. This would allow proper posture for typing, and seeing small print, while giving them the comfort of a single pair of glasses for work situations. Their distance only driving pair, or potentially distance and intermediate lens design for driving and reading a book at home will help their eyes relax after a long day of focusing on the computer. 


At Sun Valley Eye Care we offer the opportunity to discuss your visual needs with a Licensed Optician. Based on your prescription, your lifestyle, your budget and our experience, we will recommend lenses that we believe will be best suited to you. We will then take careful and accurate measurements to optimize the creation of your chosen lens design.