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A well fitting, well chosen frame and lens combination will provide clear, comfortable vision for you for your many daily tasks. They should stay put on your face, without too much movement throughout the day. They should offer you crisp clarity at your many different working distances. The frame should feel like an extension of you. It should suit your style, match your outfits, and be a part of how you present yourself to the world for a few years. 

Frames and lenses must work together. The frame needs to hold your lenses in place, at the right height and angle, and rest comfortably on your nose and your ears. It must be chosen to accommodate your prescription. Many prescriptions will not suit all frames even if the frame looks great on your face. It is the responsibility of the optician to help guide your frame decision, in accordance with your facial features, your style, your prescription and your lifestyle requirements

Only then can your chosen lenses perform to their best, leaving you to perform to your best!

Ongoing care and maintenance is important for the life of your eyewear. We recommend coming to see us with your glasses every 6 months for a tune-up. This allows us to deep clean your glasses, tighten any screws that may have come loose, and re-adjust the frame to fit your face comfortably and effortlessly. In combination with your daily cleaning of the lenses, nose-pads and temples, this will ensure that your eyewear can hold up to the rigours of being on your face all day.

Together we can ensure great vision with your eyewear for the life of your glasses.